Music I’ve Been Feelin’ – April

Hello readers,

Today commences the first post of my “Music I’ve Been Feelin'” sequence, and we’re starting off with the colder-than-usual month of April. I will continue this every month reflecting on music I’ve been into in the past month. Some songs will be old, some will be new. I plan to do this with other topics as well (makeup TBA). Within these posts, I will give you all the details on the song or album, history of the band, and why it makes my list. I will try to keep my list to between 4-7 songs.

To give you a bit of history of myself and why I think I’m qualified to give you my opinion on this is simple. I like music of all genres (yes, even country). I will try to touch on as many genres as possible in my posts, though alternative is my most listened-to. As time goes on, if you would like to see my top alternative, top pop, or similar lists, please let me know and I will be sure to do that.  My dad used to be in a rock band way back in the 80s and by virtue, my brother has been in a few bands during his time. I have been lucky enough to be exposed to music from all decades and I will take that into consideration when I make my list of the month. My goal is to expose you to some new music (that is why you’re reading this, right?) and hopefully allow you to be nostalgic when I post some oldies but goodies.

Now that I’m done blabbering about me, feel free to take a seat, plug-in your headphones, and get ready to be hooked on Spotify all night.


Petunia – Funny Talk (2017)

Artist: Petunia

Album: Funny Talk

Genre: Indie

Songs to note: Major Modern, Phantasy

Back in April, I decided to go to a show as a bar/concert venue in Philly called KungFu Necktie. I went on a whim with some of my friends to see Said, the Whale. For all of my alternative gurus out there, you may have heard Said, the Whale before notably by their more-popular songs “Mother” and “Camilo – The Magician.” Anyways, I have never been a fan of opening bands, not because I don’t think they have any talent or because they bore me, but because I’m older than I used to be and staying up until 11 PM to see a band I like is a struggle for me. I went to this concert expecting nothing less than no-name openers whose sound resembles the same sound you would get from throwing a box full of glassware down 10 flights of steps. Needless to say, I was unenthused but eager to get out of the house that particular weekend.

Well my, my, my, it’s like Petunia knew exactly what I was thinking and said “fuck you, listen here.” This opener caught my attention as if they slapped me in the face while I was walking down the street. I was captivated by everything. Their sound resembles music from the 60s and 70s, with a dash of the Beatles but with a base of indie/grunge. What I’m trying to say is their sound is one you’ve never heard before, but in the best way possible. Not only is their sound unique, but their stage presence was incredible. Made up of a singer, bassist, and drummer, their 3-man show grips you like an 100-person orchestra. The lead singer (also the lead guitarist) puts his soul on that stage, unafraid to make odd mannerisms, scream, jump, and completely lose himself in every song. It’s a presence that, I feel, has been lacking in much of the alternative music community recently. Treat yourself today and listen to Petunia as soon as possible.



The Mowgli’s – Where’d Your Weekend Go? (2016)

Artist: The Mowgli’s

Album: Waiting For The Dawn, Kids In Love, Where’d Your Weekend Go?

Genre: Indie-Pop

Songs to note: Bad Thing, Say It Just Say It, I’m Good, San Francisco

The Mowgli’s caught my eye about a month-and-a-half ago when The Maine announced their world tour with The Mowgli’s as their opener. So yes, this is another story of an opener I actually liked (I promise I won’t keep doing this). The Mowgli’s will not be a band that satisfies every listener. Their music is more pop even though I think they classify as “rock” (wow, we’ve REALLY veered away from what the true definition of “rock” is). In an effort to be nice, I classified them as indie-pop. After listening to their music, I didn’t understand why The Maine had chosen them to open, but I was fairly impressed by what I was listening to. Every song is not a winner, I’m just warning you now. But some songs will be just pop-y enough to brighten your morning no matter how shitty it may be. I would describe most of The Mowgli’s songs as upbeat anthems which have you yelling “I’m good!” on you way to work. Take a minute and listen to my songs to note, but don’t waste your time on the others.



milky chance
Milky Chance – Blossom (2017)

Artist: Milky Chance

Album:  Blossom

Genre: “folk, reggae, electronica pop”

Songs to note: Blossom, Cocoon, Firebird, Piano Song

Milky Chance has become a band that evokes simple nostalgia for me. I used to hook up with a guy who would play Milky Chance on his record player to wake me up in the morning and every time I hear this German duo, I am transported back to 19 year-old me. Anyways, Blossom is a total hit. Though I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to the complete album (there are 15 full-length songs and 5 acoustics) “Blossom” and “Cocoon” seduce and fascinate you. The rustic vocals mixed with electronica melodies will put you in a trance. Once you think you’ve become bored, the next song on the album fascinates and seduces you all over again, leaving your experience with Blossom better that any musical experience that you can think of in recent memory. If you’ve never listened to Milky Chance before (“Stolen Dance” excluded), give your mind a well-deserved hypnotic break.



Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like (Remixes)

Artist: Bruno Mars and PARTYNEXTDOOR

Album: That’s What I Like (Remixes)

Genre: Pop

Song: That’s What I Like (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

My brother (very cool person) sent me this song to listen to last month. At first I was a bit confused. 24K Magic is arguably the best album of 2016 and “That’s What I Like” is a song that is timeless and will withstand the test of time. When Bruno Mars decided to come out with remixes, I was skeptical. Remixes can go 1 of 2 ways. They can make the original song worse or they can enhance the original song further. This remix with PARTYNEXTDOOR did the latter. A part of me actually wishes the original song included PARTY (afterall, that’s what good remixes should make you feel like).  Bruno’s jazz-pop melodies and PARTY’s smooth-as-butter voice makes for a perfect combination of sound. This remix gives you a taste of 70s soul with notes of R&B. For me, seeing PARTY in a song like this has diversified his style and probably diversified his fan base as well.



Panic! At The Disco – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! (2013)

Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Album: Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die!

Genre: Rock

Songs to note: This is Gospel, Miss Jackson

Once in a lifetime, an artist comes along who is greatly underrated but holds more talent in his one toenail than famous artists have in their entire body. Brendan Urie is that person.  Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! is an album for the ages. Though the album was released in 2013, songs like “This Is Gospel” live on to give fans their daily dose of goosebumps. Urie’s voice projects from your headphones into your brain and and strikes a cord that allows you to get lost in every single song. “This Is Gospel” is a special song. Each time “This is Gospel” plays, I hear it differently, giving me a different message from Urie each time. Urie has a history of playing with the idea of romanticism in death. His 2016 album, Death of a Bachelor, came 3 years following Too Weird To Live, and now, he makes his way to Broadway starring in Kinky Boots.


Wrapping up, these have been my favorites of April. As you’ll get to know about me, discovering new music for the month or revisiting old music takes over my playlist, leaving the same songs on repeat over and over until new stuff catches my attention. Stay tuned for my “Music I’ve Been Feelin’ – May” next month. Again, if you’d like to see my favorites (or dislikes) of a certain genre, feel free to comment and let me know. Until next time. Xoxo



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