Skincare Review – Tarte Maracujá Oil

Hello readers,

For today’s posting, I am going to give you all my thoughts and review on Tarte’s Maracuja Oil! YEEEE.

Back, I want to say in December, I received a travel-size bottle of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil in my ipsy bag. Never having purchased anything from Tarte before, I was very excited to try this out. I have since discontinued my ipsy subscription (if anyone would like my thoughts on ipsy as a whole, please feel free to comment and I will make a post about it), but I have recently started to use this product again and wanted to give you all my thoughts on it! Here we go!

Tarte Maracujá Oil – 1.7oz

Tarte’s Maracujá Oil is described on Sephora as a “powerful, precious skin care oil” that is “cold-pressed from the maracuja fruit, naturally rich in brightening vitamin C and replenishing essential fatty acids to nourish, protect, and feed your skin.” It’s described as weightless, helping to firm and soften without clogging pores and acts as a barrier to the elements outside. It’s free of parabens and it’s hypoallergenic. On the packaging as well as the website, this oil states that:

“Based on a consumer use study of 53 women, after 6 weeks:
– 96% saw an overall visible improvement in skin
– 91% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
– 94% saw a visible improvement in skin texture
– 94% thought skin appeared renewed and rejuvenated”

Sephora also says that this oil can be used for cuticles, cracked elbows, and split ends. Big statements.

The full-sized 1.7oz bottle retails for $48. The travel-sized .5oz bottle retails for $16. (As you can probably guess, I was elated to find this out knowing that my ipsy subscription was $10 and that I virtually made my money back with just one product. YEET).

The bottle is a purple-tinted glass with a faux-wooden cap. On the top of the cap is a button. The “applicator” is actually a dropper, which I LOVED because you can control how much oil you’re taking out of the bottle easily. The button on the top allows for you to suck the product into the dropper and press it back out onto your hand. You’re supposed to drip 2-3 drops on your hand and PAT the oil onto your face, then let dry.

Going into trying the product, I was skeptical. My face is combination. My cheeks get very dry but my T-zone is usually oily. I have heard horror stories about oils so I wasn’t sure what this product was going to be like. Keep in mind, this time I received this product, it was in the middle of December so my face was dryer than usual, even in my T-zone. I used this product once per day for 2 months and now, once every few days, and I still have plenty of product left (keep in mind that I have the travel-sized bottle).

My review!:

This product really does live up to its claims! VERY lightweight, no smell, very mild on the skin. It is a oil, so you need to expect it to feel like an oil. This product, though, is NOT greasy. I think there is a big difference between the two! I would suggest using this product before you go to bed at night. It may feel oily before bed, but in the morning, it will be completely dried down. You may not see affects of the oil after one night, but if you continue to use it, I promise you will see a HUGE change in how your skin looks and feels. After using this product for 2 weeks, I saw such a difference in my skin. It was softer, my pores looked smaller, and my face looked completely rejuvenated. It allowed for my skin to keep moisturized for the winter. Now that it’s summer, I still use this product but I use it once every 2 or 3 days instead of every day. This is a truly great skincare product by Tarte and I would definitely recommend!

Score: 10 / 10

Here’s where you can find it

Tarte makes a few other products with maracuja oil that I’ve never tried! If you have tried any of the others, PLEASE let me know in the comments good or bad! I would love to purchase more Tarte skincare products!

Until next time! Xoxo


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