It’s my birthday! Quick Birthday Reflections

Hello readers, Yes, it's my birthday! I'm not one to boast about it or draw attention to it, but I can't help but sit here and make a blog post about it because I just feel so stinkin' lucky. Birthdays for me usually consist of me trying to avoid hoop-la, and though I will gladly… Continue reading It’s my birthday! Quick Birthday Reflections


My Personal Goals for June!

Hello readers, Recently I've had quite a few life changes. I graduated from college, I started my first full-time job, my best friend is moving across the country at the end of the week, and I'm moving to the other side of Philadelphia within the next month. Needless to say, I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed over… Continue reading My Personal Goals for June!

And just like that, an introduction

Hello to those far and wide of WordPress! This being my first blog post has lead to me writing out a cliche introduction. My name is Liv, not Olivia, I am a 20something year old residing in the oldest and most historically relevant city of the United States. In my blog, I want to weigh-in on… Continue reading And just like that, an introduction