It’s my birthday! Quick Birthday Reflections

Hello readers, Yes, it's my birthday! I'm not one to boast about it or draw attention to it, but I can't help but sit here and make a blog post about it because I just feel so stinkin' lucky. Birthdays for me usually consist of me trying to avoid hoop-la, and though I will gladly… Continue reading It’s my birthday! Quick Birthday Reflections


New Product First Impressions – Wet n’ Wild

Hello readers, I'm no makeup artist, but in the past year or so, I have become obsessed with knowing and understanding makeup. I appreciate makeup tutorials as well as makeup reviews and try my best to become knowledgeable on at least¬†drugstore makeup (the stuff I can actually afford).¬†Today, I decided to treat myself to some… Continue reading New Product First Impressions – Wet n’ Wild

Music I’ve Been Feelin’ – April

Hello readers, Today commences the first post of my "Music I've Been Feelin'" sequence, and we're starting off with the colder-than-usual month of April. I will continue this every month reflecting on music I've been into in the past month. Some songs will be old, some will be new. I plan to do this with… Continue reading Music I’ve Been Feelin’ – April